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Alpha Air Conditioning has provided reliable, honest service to the residents of Citrus County since 1985. We offer emergency service hours, the best brands of equipment and fair pricing. 

Air Conditioning-Heating System Repairs

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From the hot, humid days of July to those bone-chilling January nights you can depend on us. If you have a breakdown, a trained, experienced technician will arrive at your home in a van fully stocked with the parts and supplies needed to restore the comfort of your home. If another company has condemned your system or has diagnosed a major repair (over $300) we provide a free second opinion. In other words we will diagnose your system for free!

Our trained technicians are EPA certified. Alpha Air offers same-day service at affordable prices. We look forward to earning your trust.

The Discount Club

Discount Club members save 20% on every repair, receive an additional discount for new systems, and arrange for two Precision Tune-ups each year. Ask us about joining the club!

Residential Services

We provide air conditioning and heating repairs, maintenance, equipment replacement, air filtration products, energy saving products, duct repair, and other services.


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Same-Day Service • After-Hours Service 

Our Service Technicians are trained to quickly find the problem and restore your system to proper operation. We use a fair pricing system that protects our clients from hidden fees. Our technician arrives at your home and diagnoses the system for a standard flat-fee. Then, he discusses the issues with you and tells you the cost to repair the system. Upon your approval he then completes the repair at the quoted price, even if the repair takes longer than anticipated. You know the cost of repair before the repairs are started. 

Equipment Replacement

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When your existing air conditioning and heating systems need replacement, we can do the job better than anyone else. Many homeowners overlook the importance of a properly installed system, believing that all companies install equally well. This is simply not true. The new systems are complex and the installation requirements are different on every job. I cannot count the number of clients that have hired another company to install their new system because they got a "better deal," but had to call us later to solve the problems that the other company couldn't (or wouldn't) fix. 

Maintenance (Precision Tune-up)

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Air conditioning and heating systems need a Precision Tune-up twice a year. Every equipment manufacturer requires regular maintenance or their warranties become null and void. But many of our clients have been "taken-in" by telephone solicitors. These callers are simply professional telephone sales people that are paid for every appointment they arrange and typically another salesperson thinly-veiled as an air conditioning technician shows up at the door. What is needed is a real technician that cleans and tests your system to provide the most efficient, dependable service for you. That is what we do. 

Alpha air conditioning and heating unit products

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Commercial Services

We understand TIMELY REPAIRS are critical to all businesses. Sometimes "tomorrow" is not soon enough! We have thirty years experience providing commercial HVAC services to some of the most recognized names in Citrus County.

Commercial buildings require more frequent maintenance than a home and many equipment failures are caused by dirty condenser or evaporator coils, plugged condensate lines, dirty filters and low refrigerant charge. Most of these things can be prevented by the regular maintenance services we offer.

Our services include repair; maintenance; and Installations. We install air conditioning, heating, ventilation, duct systems and refrigeration.

Refrigeration service includes ice machines, walk-in cooler-freezers, reach-in coolers and freezers, chef prep coolers, etc. Restaurants, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, club houses, dining halls, florist facilities, movie theaters, churches, furniture Stores, and other businesses. call on us when they need speedy service.

Engineering Services

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Registered Engineer (Fla) Design Service

We provide HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical designs for residential or commercial buildings.

    Includes load calculations, equipment selection and duct design
    Residential and Commercial
    Building waste and water supply design
    Power distribution, Lighting, Alarm systems, UPS and backup Generator systems design.

Hanson & Headley, Professional Engineers

Gary L. Headley, P.E. is President of Alpha Air Conditioning and is a partner in the firm Hanson & Headley, Professional Engineers. Gary provides the HVAC and plumbing design.    
Thomas L. Hanson, P.E. provides the electrical design.

Both partners are also contractors in their fields and both have over 30 years of experience each; so you can count on practical field-tested designs.

If your building drawings, sketches or ideas are not in electronic formats (dwg, pdf, etc.) simply take them to a blue-printer and ask him to "scan" the drawings, etc. and email them to the address below. It's that easy!

Contact us to discuss your project.