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My Philosophy On Selling

The other day while giving a man a price for some work, he asked a question. Now, this was a simple question but my answer astounded myself. It was as if I had carried this belief within me for many years and yet it had never completely surfaced to my conscious mind.

The man asked me to give him a price for a new air conditioner. After I gave him my price for the work, he asked me this question: “ What do you think of  X_Y_Z Company?” I thought a moment and said “ Please understand that I don’t comment on my competitors. I am not their judge. I only know that I have worked very hard for the past thirty years to earn a really good reputation and so, all I can do is give you what I believe to be a good price and then you must make the final decision.”  Afterwards, I thought about my answer and I realized that I had captured, in that one simple sentence, my whole philosophy of selling. I wondered if I had insulted the man.

That man accepted my bid!